CP Cases designs protective packaging that not only supports your sales and marketing strategy but makes a positive statement about your company. Labelling and branding are a value for money option that provide increased brand recognition for your products.

  • Labels can be applied to cases manufactured in laminated plywood, aluminium and plastics. The labels themselves can be in plastic or metal and can be screen-printed, etched, or engraved.
  • If branding is required on the case itself the alternatives are screen printing and cut vinyl.
  • There are several alternatives for the branding and labelling of bags and textile products. These include multicolour embroidery, screen printing amnd rubber labels.
  • Bag shoulder straps can be branded by weaving in a brand name or logo.
  • The type of branding used depends on the material of construction and the way in which your product will be used. Our experts can advise on the most cost effective branding solution.
  • Also available are stamping, embossing, stencilling and bar coding.

Multicolour embroidery on Cordura cloth
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Screen print on nylon cloth.
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Cut vinyl lettering and printed vinyl labels on aluminium case.
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Engraved logo and lettering on aluminium label.
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Cut PVC lettering on laminated plywood case.
Engraved lettering and logo on plastic label for aluminium case.

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Professional branding to enhance your brand-image
The majority of our products are custom built. This enables us to offer an immense range of options in terms of fittings, external finishes, protective internals and labelling.

It also ensures that your made-to-measure case or bag is a complete protective system, designed for purpose.

These represent only a fraction of the features that CP can incorporate into your particular protection solution, so if you wish to explore the possibilities further please contact us by email talk to one of our commercial design engineers on: 01224 707405.