Air Conditioning

CP Cases produce a range of vibration mounted 1 electronic rack cases with the option for insulation and air conditioning units fitted.

A/C options for compressor cooling units and thermoelectric coolers are both available.

Thermoelectric cooling units (based on the Peltier effect) are solid state systems with no moving parts, other than axial fans to distribute the cold air.

Other benefits of thermoelectric air conditioning include extremely low maintenance, no air exchange (between inside and outside), no compressor, no refrigerant and no brownouts at low voltage.

A 1500BTU cooler can typically be fitted in a 19 inch racks as small as 6U, with options of aluminium E-Racks and rotomoulded Amazon racks available. Various A/C units available from 200BTU to 2500BTU

Please download our brochure or contact us to discuss your rack mount cooling requirements.


  • Compressor and Thermoelectric air condition available
  • No refrigerants in thermoelectric coolers
  • No ventilation needed on thermoelectric coolers
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Custom designed 19 racks
  • Insulated rack casing
  • Aluminium & Rotomoulded Polyethylene racks available

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Thermoelectric A/C unit fitted to 8U Amazon Rack with skirt Cold Side
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Thermoelectric A/C unit fitted to 8U Amazon Rack Hot Side
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Ruggidised aluminium E-Rack fitted with compressor air condition unit and insulation.
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Rigidised aluminium E-Rack fitted with 1500BTU A/C Hot Side
E-Rack with skirt fitted with thermoelectric A/C - Cold Side

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Air Conditioning 19 Rack options from CP Cases
The majority of our products are custom built. This enables us to offer an immense range of options in terms of fittings, external finishes, protective internals and labelling.

It also ensures that your made-to-measure case or bag is a complete protective system, designed for purpose.

These represent only a fraction of the features that CP can incorporate into your particular protection solution, so if you wish to explore the possibilities further please contact us by email talk to one of our commercial design engineers on: 01224 707405.