TEMPEST Shielding

CP Cases has experience in producing 19 inch racks and electronic enclosures that provide RF shielding to critical systems. Particularly that experience includes the protection of intelligence and security systems from Compromising Emanations to meet US and NATO TEMPEST Standards.

Where national security information is at risk there is no room for compromise. Attention to design, selection of materials and components coupled with absolute consistency of manufacture processes are all part of the mix in ensuring that the final system meets TEMPEST requirements.

Whether your need is for a secure 19 inch rack or enclosure to protect vital information or for EMC shielding to prevent electro-magnetic coupling with other equipment, CP can work with you to provide the solution.


  • We work with your system design engineers to provide an effective rack or enclosure with the correct level of shielding
  • Top quality materials and components used
  • Manufacturing controls ensure consistency of product

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Bespoke EMC and RF shielding solutions to TEMPEST standards.
The majority of our products are custom built. This enables us to offer an immense range of options in terms of fittings, external finishes, protective internals and labelling.

It also ensures that your made-to-measure case or bag is a complete protective system, designed for purpose.

These represent only a fraction of the features that CP can incorporate into your particular protection solution, so if you wish to explore the possibilities further please contact us by email talk to one of our commercial design engineers on: 01224 707405.